Some Predictions

Once Biden's election is fully authorized by the electoral college, Trump will announce his run for the Presidency and begin his campaign the day he leaves office. The theme: "They stole the Presidency! Let's take it back!"

    After all, he began his campaign for re-election the day he took office and his entire Presidency has been a run for office again. He thrives on big rallies and won't want to give them up. He would be the same age taking office again as Biden will be when he takes office: 78.

    So I foresee Trump leading raucous rallies and grabbing headlines for the next four years, inveighing against every Biden and Democratic initiative and continuing to have the same influence on the body politic, the nation, and the world, that he has had for the last four years.

    And he won't sit in the stands for the Inauguration, since he labels it illegitimate, but will instead lead a counterdemonstration in D.C. billed as "the largest Inauguration Day crowd in history."

    But before Inauguration Day, another 100,000 Americans will die while Trump continues to refrain from an aggressive campaign to promote mask wearing.

-- subsequently published in the New Haven Register on November 18, 2020


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